Beginner guide of Garena Free Fire


We are playing various kinds of games, and most of them are played on the mobile device. In recent time action games are the first choice of any person, and one of the top trending games is Garena Free Fire. The game is all about survival and lots of actions. In which you are dealing with many kinds of challenging tasks and several things. The game is easily available on the playstore, and anyone can download it because it is free of cost. The player should attach with such game just because of high-quality graphics and sound. The compatibility with the mobile device is remarkable, and it does not hand anytime while we are playing.

In the game, many phases are placed, and all need to know about such elements for playing well. On the below, we are sharing some beginner guide about the game.

Survival mission

The gameplay is base on the survival missions and in which around 50 players stand for 10 minutes. If you are the last on the ice land, then you become the winner of such mission. Along with it, you will also get many things on the land. The player has to survive well and collect many kinds of resource and currency.

Four men squad team

The game allows us for playing in the four-member squad team. In which you can invite your friends and get in the team.  You will play a leading role in the team, and the value of achievements is different for the different member. The players have to make his playing strategies and tricks for surviving long enough in Iceland.

Various weapons

Lots of weapons are available, and most of them are very nice. The players have to use the weapons according to the tasks and easily hit the target by exploring the land. You can also unlock various weapons for surviving long time and hit many enemies.