Painted welding Helmets – Useful Details Here!

The welding helmets which the welders use while performing any welding activities or operations play an essential role. It is the most useful equipment for them as it keeps them safe from various harmful things and any miss happenings. There are various types of welding helmets on the market which are available at low to high price.

If the welders or users want to buy a more attractive welding helmet, then they must prefer custom painted welding helmets. It looks more realistic and impressive than other simple welding helmets. These painted helmets are available in the market at reasonable prices and also on many other online sources.

What is painted welding helmets?

The helmet which the users use while doing some important welding activities is very simple and doesn’t look more attractive. In order to make these helmets more attractive and beautiful users have to design a new helmet according to their choice which is called painted welding helmets. If they want to paint a painted welding helmet according to their choice, then need all the basic things and items related to the process.

Steps to paint the welding helmet

There are various steps which are essential to painting your welding helmet properly. It is necessary for the users to know about these steps properly as it helps them in paint their helmet accurately or perfectly. Given below are some useful steps about which the users must know –

  • The first step is to collect all the materials which are required to paint the helmet.
  • The second step is to remove all taping.
  • Third are the users had to prime their helmet?
  • The fourth step is that the users have to paint their helmet.
  • The last is the users have to wait until the color becomes dry.

It is most important for the users to make their welding helmet properly and accurately. If they want to buy the best custom painted welding helmets, they need to know properly about each thing properly. These helmets are the best choice for the workers to use in their daily welding work.


Haunted Castles In Europe

Europe’s most haunted castles have histories that stretch back over 900 years. It is no surprise that many are associated with ghostly tales and strange goings on.

The ghost of Anne Boleyn can be seen every Christmas Eve when she returns home to Hever Castle in Kent. Her ghostly apparition is seen drifting silently over the picturesque bridge that spans the river, Eden.

Meanwhile, the appearance of the Black Dog of Leeds Castle is said to bring bad luck or death to its occupants. Its origins lay with Eleanor of Gloucester, King Henry VI�s aunt, who in 1431 was found guilty of practising witchcraft, heresy, and treason.

If you are on a quest for a true spine chilling experience, then look no further! Europe has some of the most haunted Castles around. But be warned! This is not for the feint hearted

Here is just a selection of them (from a list of 100’s known to have a reputation!)

During her long and illustrious 900 years, The Tower of London has evolved a reputation as being one of the most ghostly and eerie places in Britain.

Windsor Castle is home to the England Queen, many of her royal ancestors, and “non-royal” spirits.

Berry Pomeroy Castle is the home to several female ghosts and two brothers.

Built upon a large outcrop of basalt rock high above the city, Edinburgh Castle and her ghosts keep a wary eye over the sprawling metropolis below.

Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the current owner of Tutbury Castle, which has an extraordinary history dating back to shortly after the Norman Conquest of 1066.

Many castles throughout Europe all have one thing in common – a resident ghost. Malahide Castle which is the oldest in habited castle in Ireland has not one ghost to frighten its guests but FIVE.

Like all castles from this period, stories of ghosts and weird sounds are a plenty. Dragsholm Castle with its own dark and ghastly history is no exception and comes complete with three ghosts.